From HTML / CSS to WordPress and CMS


Unlike my regular website in HTML / CSS , this WordPress site uses CMS or a “Content Management System” .

Basic Structure and Style defined by a Theme

The basic Structure and Style is provided by a Theme so the average user doesn’t have to get into the HTML or CSS that can makes regular websites so difficult for beginners. It also saves you from going down the route of buying “no HTML needed” website creation software which then locks you in to their system! Without human-generated CSS, the resulting machine-generated code could be a nightmare for someone trying to update it or change the “look”.

Functionality via Sidebar Widgets

WordPress CMS even provides site functionality through Widgets, which allow you to search for keywords as well as handle other “sidebar” mini-apps.


HTML and CSS : The Structure and Style of Websites

Conventional Websites used HTML for the basic structures of the site and then styled everything using CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ). JavaScript could then be used to add functionality.

In WordPress, a CMS or Content Management System, “themes” provide the basic structure and style ( widgets provide the functionality ) leaving you to concentrate on the content itself.